What PURE DOESN’T have!

What PURE DOESN’T have! -

What PURE Products Don’t Contain!

If you have done your research and compared PURE to other skincare products, you have probably read quite a bit about the amazing blends of certified organic and naturally-derived botanicals in PURE products, and how they harness the power of nature to maintain and enhance your skin’s natural beauty and youthful vitality. Perhaps more important, however, is what PURE products do not contain! In today’s world of “toxin overload”, where so many everyday products are loaded with harsh, irritating, and even dangerous chemicals, you may be relieved and surprised to learn what we have left out of our products:

NO Petrochemicals

Petrochemicals are any chemical by-product of petroleum. The most common forms of petrochemicals found in many skincare products are petrolatum, paraffin or paraffin wax, and mineral oils. Unfortunately, because these chemicals are an inexpensive way to offer surface moisturizing, they can be found in as many as 1 out of every 14 skin care products available today. However, in addition to leaving a greasy, unpleasant residue on top of the skin, petrochemicals block the skin’s ability to absorb oxygen, effectively suffocating the skin. They also increase the rate at which the skin absorbs free radicals in the atmosphere, contributing to premature aging of the skin. And worst of all, petrochemicals are now believed to be a risk factor in the development of breast tumors.

  • PURE skincare products do not contain any petrochemicals. Our products utilize natural botanical oils that closely mimic the skin’s natural oil, making them both safer and more effective!
  • NO Parabens: Parabens are a specific class of petrochemicals that have been widely used in cosmetics for years as a preservative, specifically for their role in effectively prohibiting the growth of bacteria and fungus. However, once in the body, parabens mimic the female hormone estrogen, and are increasingly being linked to the increasing prevalence of early-onset puberty in girls (estrogenic) as well as the growth of cancerous tumors linked to estrogen (carcinogenic).
  • PURE skincare products do not contain any parabens. Inhibiting the growth of bacteria, fungus, and other microbes in your skincare products is critical. While PURE skincare products do contain preservatives to ensure their long-term safety and efficacy, they do so using substances that are non-estrogenic, -carcinogenic, and -allergenic.

NO Artificial Colorants

Skincare products that come in lovely hues and look beautiful sitting on your shelf simply don’t equate to beautiful-looking skin. Unfortunately, beautiful colors come only from chemical colorants, usually derived from coal tar and containing heavy metal salts. The toxins in these colorants are known to increase skin sensitivity and irritation, block pores, and increase problematic acne breakouts, and are just as damaging once absorbed into the skin. Some colors, in particular, have been linked to allergy-like hypersensitivity, hyperactivity, and some forms of cancer.

  • PURE skincare products do not contain any artificial colorants. By relying on organic and naturally-derived ingredients, our products may not look as beautiful sitting on the shelf, but you can be certain that incorporating them into your daily skincare routine will help your skin look naturally-beautiful!

NO Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfates

Also known as SLS or SLES, this harsh chemical is used in many cosmetic products, most commonly shampoo, toothpaste, and mouthwash, but also soaps and cleansers, because it is a cheap way to produce the attractive foam that many of us like to see when we clean ourselves. Unfortunately, this chemical is also an extremely harsh irritant and is increasingly being linked to the dramatic rise in cancer rates across the United States today due to its prevalence in so many household products.

  • PURE skincare products do not contain any SLS or SLES. We believe that preserving your inner health and wellness, in addition to helping your skin maintain its youthful glow, is far more important that ensuring our products look foamy!

NO Triclosan

Another chemical antibacterial product, triclosan is commonly found in antimicrobial soaps and toothpaste products. However, when combined with chlorinated tap water, it can create chloroform, a powerful anesthetic gas that can be carcinogenic and even fatal if inhaled in large doses.

  • PURE skincare products do not contain any triclosan. Again, while fighting the growth of bacteria in your skincare products is of the utmost importance, PURE products rely on preservatives with a proven record of safety and efficacy. 
  • NO Animal Testing: Neither the PURE products themselves, nor the ingredients they contain are derived from or tested on animals. Ever. Our products are designed to be 100% animal- and planet-friendly, so you can feel confident that your beauty does not come at the expense of the beauty of our world!

So, Why PURE?

Dr. Motykie has dedicated his career to developing a holistic, integrative approach to health, wellness, nutrition, and surgery that focuses on building and maintaining strong connections between inner health and external appearance, selecting products and techniques that work together to optimize successful results, minimize patient discomfort, and reduce risk and downtime. Skincare, like the medical aesthetics treatments offered at Motykie Med Spa, “should be about improving a patient’s overall health and beauty from the inside-out!” Motykie MD’s PURE, holistic skincare products have been precisely blended with certified organic, naturally-derived, animal-friendly ingredients in order to safely and powerfully promote your skin’s natural wellness and enhance your skin’s youthful glow so you look—and feel—naturally-beautiful.