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PURE Products -

Complete, Holistic Skincare that is Simple, Easy, and Naturally PURE!

Every day, your skin is bombarded with damaging radiation from the sun, powerful environmental toxins and pollutants, and harmful free radicals. Over time, the damaging effects of this exposure, combined with lack of sleep, stress, and the natural aging process that diminishes the skin’s ability to protect and repair itself, can lead your skin to look tired and worn and feel rough and dry, diminishing your bright, healthy, youthful appearance. Yet as overwhelming as this sounds, a simple, effective at-home skincare routine is often all that is required to give your skin the help it needs to stay hydrated, well-nourished, and healthy. The six products offered in Motykie MD’s PURE skincare line offer a truly complete, holistic, at-home program designed to keep your skin looking—and feeling—fresh, youthful, and naturally gorgeous!

The products in the PURE skincare line were carefully selected by Dr. Gary Motykie, a world-renown Board Certified plastic surgeon, for their certified-organic, naturally-derived ingredients that work with your skin to prevent or delay the signs of aging and environmental damage. Dissatisfied with ineffective and expensive products that overload the skin with dangerous chemicals and contribute to “toxin overload”, these products harness the amazing bounty of nature to produce powerfully rejuvenating effects, keeping your skin looking healthy, youthful, and vibrant. These products are designed to work synergistically together to form a complete, simple, PURE at-home skincare regimen that will protect, hydrate, and rejuvenate your skin for a glowing, youthful, naturally-beautiful appearance!

Products in the PURE Skincare Line:

  • Cleanse: a purifying facial wash that gently removes make-up and residue without stripping the skin of essential nutrients and moisture
  • Hydrate: an advanced moisturizer that will hydrate, nourish, and protect the delicate skin of the face and neck
  • Glow: this amazing concentrated Vitamin C serum will repair sun damage, lighten age and sun spots, and restore your skin’s healthy, youthful glow
  • Polish: a powerful but gentle facial exfoliant will eliminate damaged skin and remove imperfections to reveal fresh, healthy skin
  • Eye: this revolutionary eye firming crème will hydrate and protect the delicate skin around the eyes to restore its luminous beauty and highlight your eyes’ bright glow

These six PURE products have been precisely formulated to offer your skin complete, holistic skin care without the need for additional products. Incorporating these simple, PURE products into your daily skincare routine will keep your skin clean, hydrated, and nourished, allowing it to look and feel youthful, fresh, and vibrant and enabling it to reflect your inner wellness and enhance your natural beauty!

If you are unsure about what products are best suited for your skin type and or if you have specific cosmetic concerns, we encourage you to contact Dr. Motykie and his experienced, welcoming team of licensed medical aestheticians at Motykie Med Spa in West Hollywood. We will work closely with you to evaluate your skin and aesthetic concerns, and recommend the products that are most appropriate to nourish and protect your unique skin and your unique natural beauty!


Dr. Motykie has dedicated his career to developing a holistic, integrative approach to health, wellness, nutrition, and surgery that focuses on building and maintaining strong connections between inner health and external appearance, selecting products and techniques that work together to optimize successful results, minimize patient discomfort, and reduce risk and downtime. Skincare, like the medical aesthetics treatments offered at Motykie Med Spa, “should be about improving a patient’s overall health and beauty from the inside-out!” Motykie MD’s PURE, holistic skincare products have been precisely blended with certified organic, naturally-derived, animal-friendly ingredients in order to safely and powerfully promote your skin’s natural wellness and enhance your skin’s youthful glow so you look—and feel—naturally-beautiful.