Dr. Motykie’s

Skincare Philosophy

Welcome to Skin Care by Motykie MD, where we believe that all-natural beauty requires all-natural skin care! We are very pleased to introduce our all-new PURE line of skin care products, personally and precisely formulated by Dr. Gary Motykie MD, Board-Certified cosmetic surgeon, utilizing certified organic and naturally-derived ingredients specifically chosen for their regenerative and holistic characteristics. All of our PURE skin care products have been carefully developed with the very simple goal of ensuring naturally-healthy skin and enhancing your naturally-PURE beauty! The skin is an amazing organ with the natural strength and resiliency to maintain a beautiful glow and vibrant youthfulness despite years of damaging exposure to sun, wind, and environmental pollutants.

Healthy, nourished, youthful skin requires a simple, PURE skin care regimen focused on supplementing and augmenting the skin’s natural healing capabilities. Our PURE, organic products are designed to work with your skin, while simultaneously nourishing and protecting it. Every product in the PURE line is composed of all-natural and certified organic ingredients selected for their efficacy and formulated to maintain the health of your skin and your body, leaving no room for harsh, irritating chemicals that strip away vital moisture and oils and leave the skin exposed and vulnerable. Completely cruelty-free, animal- and planet-friendly, PURE skin care will nourish, refresh, and rejuvenate your skin, so your inner vitality and beauty can shine through!

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